Thinking Creatively with Dough from a Can

Making dough from scratch is fun but it takes a lot of time. I love to take pre-made dough and use it to create something different. Whether you're using biscuit, pizza, or crescent dough, it's a way to be both quick and creative in the kitchen.

This recipe is a great example of that.

With very few ingredients, and just a little bit of prep, the end result here is a unique bite that is perfect for an appetizer or a potluck platter. (It was also cheap to make.)

As I say in the introduction, I found that wrapping the beef around the swiss and mushroom made assembling this recipe much easier than just stacking them on the dough. The beef makes a nice barrier to keep the cheese from seeping out of the dough once it's melted and gooey.

I was very happy with the overall piece. It took me 16 photographs to present this recipe. That is about as many as I can do with out it getting too crammed. The two step-by-step sequences in prepping the breadsticks are what turned this simple recipe into a complex design presentation.

Be creative. Take that biscuit dough out of the fridge and get crazy. Flatten it out, roll it up. Fry it, bake it – Hell, grill it! Pre-made dough is a great canvas for making a culinary statement.

Eat well, cook often ...

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