Strawberry-Banana Cream Trifle

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Those who read this blog regularly know that I don’t create many desserts for Behind the Bites. First of all, I don’t have much experience with the world of sweets and second, I’ll take a bag of beef jerky over a sugary snack ten times out of ten. In other words, I don’t have much of a sweet tooth.

Sunday night I made a dinner for a group of friends and I knew that I would need to provide a dessert. I stressed over it more than any of the other dishes. After changing my mind around 30 times about what to make, I decided to go the easiest route possible and make a trifle. The hardest part about it would be choosing the right combination of flavors.

I decided to make a strawberry-banana cream treat. The base of the dessert is cubed angel food cake followed by banana cream pudding, strawberries and whipped cream. The strawberry-banana combination worked really well and I’m pleased to say that this yummy creation lasted only minutes after it was served.

Strawberry-banana Cream Trifle

I am really proud of how this desert turned out. Like I said in the intro, I’m not that experienced with deserts so I’m a little apprehensive. This trifle has opened up a whole new world for me. There are about a million different directions I can take a desert like this, all of the layers can be swapped out for different flavor combinations and textures.

I had no idea instant pudding was so easy. Just add milk to the dry ingredients! Who knew! It’s not ideal as far as flavor goes, but when it’s just one element among many instant pudding does the trick and worked just fine here. Chefs and foodies might scoff at the idea but I went with it anyway. I would like to make pudding from scratch for something like this sometime because it would only stand to make it better.

I think I’m going to try another trifle soon, only the next one will feature chocolate and caramel.

Better get to work.

Eat well, cook often ...

Strawberry-banana Cream Trifle

Serves 12 to 15; 10 minutes; 1 hour inactive
16 oz Whipped topping
1/2 C Sugar
3 pints Strawberries, stemmed, halved
1 large box Banana cream instant pudding (5.1 oz)
2 1/2 C Cold milk
1 lb Angel food cake, cut into cubes

Macerate strawberries, make pudding
Toss together strawberries and sugar, let rest at least one hour. Stir together pudding mix and milk, whisk for 2 minutes, then let rest 5 minutes to thicken.

Build trifle
In a large bowl or 12 to 15 individual serving vessels, layer angel food cake, pudding, strawberries and whipped topping. Place a strawberry or two on top if desired. Then serve.

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