Just When I Thought it was Safe to Grill ...

Snow covers the grill - again.  
The warm weather was upon us. I had grilled for the first time this spring. And then Mother Nature says "Not so fast giddy grill man!" Last night New York got enough snow to create a light-slushy layer on everything – including the grill I had bragged about using in this very blog a couple days ago!!!

The weather yesterday was crazy!

We had it all – rain, snow, hail and lightning! At one point my girlfriend was forced to sprint top speed to save herself from being pelted by a hail strom that blew in, which sounded as if the sky was dumping gravel on the city.

It seems that every year we get a warm glimpse of summer – just before we get smacked by a blast of winter. I hope this is the last blast - It's time to get my grill on!

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