Great Food Can Be Super Simple

A month or so ago I ate dinner with my parents and Mom had made mini-crescent rolls stuffed with cream cheese. I must have eaten 12 of them. Because it was just an addition to dinner, Mom kept them tame with just cream cheese. She usually adds other ingredients mixed into the cream cheese before she spreads it on the crescents.

I was surprised at how the roll and the cream cheese together created such a nice flavor base. That's why I knew I couldn't go wrong if I added bacon and onion to my own version of crescents. I did test smoked ham and dill pickle, too, which was really good. But in the end I went with the bacon and onion crescent.

What I like most about this column is its simplicity. Any cook can make this and it only takes half an hour. Anyone could load up a full tray of these in no time and be the hero of a potluck diner.

I like the sequence in step two that shows the crescent being rolled in four photographic steps. In the future I'm going to explore this technique as a way of showing something being rolled like a burrito or cinnamon rolls ... Oh man, I'm feeling another column coming on!

It doesn't take hours sweating over a hot stove to cook something absolutely delicious. The gourmet crescents are a perfect example. Store-bought dough, some creativity and a couple of tasty ingredients -- and in no time you have a star for the diner table.

Eat well, cook often

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