Chili Cheese Fries

Chili Cheese Fries

I made a pot of chili recently and instead of just eating a bowl of it for leftovers, I threw all dietary concerns out the window and smothered a platter of french fries with it, then topped it all with cheddar cheese!

Chili cheese fries!

This batch of chili was really tasty and I had eaten a couple of leftover bowls the previous day. It was time to mix it up a little and add some tasty little french fries to the equation. I always keep a bag of frozen french fries in the freezer as a go-to side if I need.

This might not be the prettiest or healthiest dish around, but man was it tasty!

Eat well, cook often ...

1 Serving, 25 minutes
1/2 C chili (recipe here)
Enough French Fries to cover a dinner plate, fully cooked
1/4 C Cheddar cheese. shredded

Cook french fries according to package directions. Preheat chili in microwave or stove top. Pile fries on a plate, top with chili and cheddar cheese. Heat under broiler or in a microwave until cheese is melted, then serve.


Unknown said...

Wonderful! I must confess: I tend to go to one of the fast food joints to buy fries for meals like this. They warm up fine in the toaster oven and taste better than the stuff I tend to fry. — My menu is set for this evening, else I'd be scarfing this down. Keep the cards and letters coming, my friend. said...

ADAM! Great idea!!!! McDonald's Fries would be amazing with this chili. I froze a couple of servings ... Guess what I'm having this weekend!