The Bites Awaken

There has been an awakening. I have felt it.

For the last year, I have been enjoying the great music and food culture that Austin provides. It's an amazing place for a life-long musician to live and experience. The capitol of Texas has a creative energy very similar to New York City and its driving force is music. That said, music has become the creative outlet that the food blog once channeled for me.

I still cook like a fool and have been enjoying the year-round grilling climate that comes with residing in Central Texas.

Recently, I received the ok to work exclusively from home creating information graphics for the properties of Gatehouse Media, the job that brought me to Austin. So I am now working from home just like I was in 2014 when food writing was my soul focus.

I like it.

Recently, an old college friend, Kevin Burkett, asked if my food column was available. I told him to pick a few samples from past post here at Behind the Bites and use them in the Pharos-Tribune, the daily paper in Logansport, Ind.

Kevin is the Editor of the Pharos-Tribune.

Long story short, my recipes are now a weekly feature in the paper.

I'll bet this will lead to more post here. No guarantees but ...

There has been an awakening.

Below you'll find one of the songs that I have written since moving to Austin. I created this by myself using Apple garage band with a condenser mic to record my vocals and midi keyboard to create the instrumental parts.

Eat well, cook often ...


PK said...




He's alive!!! I am so excited to see you may be posting more to your site - I miss your postings. My kitchen misses your postings ... happy dance!!

Carole said...

It's great that you are back. There is a new Food on friday today - would love you to contribute. Cheers