Pizza for Breakfast!

Anyone who knows me well has had one of my gourmet pizzas -- they're a specialty of mine. I'm adding this pizza to my pizza-party menu from now on. As I mention in the introduction, the egg and cheese together give this pie a creamy-goodness unlike anything I have ever had on pizza. The breakfast flavors totally work on a slice also. This recipe is a gourmet pizza experience!

I stand by every recipe that is featured in my column. If something doesn't taste right I do it over again. They all have to meet a certain standard of excellence before I'll use it. But every once in a while, one of my recipes stands out above the rest. This weeks creation is one of those.

This is the second time I have featured a gourmet pizza in the column. I chose to use the same design concept as the first time. Each individual layer is shown as the pizza is built, and those layers float above the fully cooked pie. I plan on doing more pizzas in the future and I'm going to follow this format; I think it's attractive and works well. They look like they are in the same family design-wise, but each will be different because they are different recipes with different ingredients!

You don't have to be in college to love leftover pizza for breakfast! College is when I discovered it - or at least really started to enjoy it. I highly recommend saving a slice or two for the morning the next time you have pizza for dinner.

Eat well, cook often ...

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